Stars who mention the real name of their ideal type in public (ft. Kim Jong Kook, BTS Jungkook, Son Seok Gu, and more)

Below are some Korean stars who confidently revealed the name of their ideal type on broadasts.

1. Dex – Kwon Eun Bi

kwon eun bi dex

Dex, who recently emerged as a rising entertainer after appearing on various programs, expressed his affection for singer Kwon Eun Bi. Appearing in the content on the Youtube channel “117” together with Kwon Eun Bi, Dex described “cutie sexy” as the characteristic of his ideal type. He then said, “Kwon Eun Bi is sexy and cute. My heart flutters because of her. She has a nice personality. It was fun talking with her”. He then honestly confessed, “I like her more since we’re same-age friends. Her face is also pretty”

Kwon Eun Bi actually received a long DM from Dex after filming the content together. The female singer checked the DM and replied immediately after she received it.

2. Han Hye Jin – BTS Jungkook

In a recent video uploaded on her Youtube channel, Han Hye Jin visited a marriage information company and revealed her concerns about dating and marriage. When asked about her ideal type, she said, “I want to meet an honest and nice person. Someone who can understand me. I hope that person looks cute when he smiles”, adding “Combining all the characteristics together, I think my ideal type is similar to BTS Jungkook”, drawing laughter.

Hye Jin Han - Jungkook

Han Hye Jin also expressed her admiration for BTS Jungkook on other broadcasts in the past. She said she had about 500 videos of Jungkook saved on her SNS.

3. Son Seok Gu – Jang Do Yeon

Actor Son Seok Gu appeared on TV Chosun’s “Heo Young Man’s Food Travel” in April and mentioned comedian Jang Do Yeon as his ideal type. He said, “I like people who look bright. Someone like Jang Do Yeon. She’s really humorous. She’s funny and bright”

Son Seok-gu - Jang Do-yeon

4. Kim Jong Kook – Yoon Tae Jin

Singer Kim Jong Kook recently disclosed his ideal type while talking with his best friend Cha Tae Hyun on SBS’s entertainment program “My Little Old Boy”. Drawing Kim Jong Kook’s ideal type with an egg-shaped face, long hair, and big eyes, Cha Tae Hyun commented, “She looks like announcer Yoon Tae Jin”. Hearing that, Kim Jong Kook shyly asked, “Does she suit me?”.

Kim Jong Kook - Yoon Tae Jin

Later, announcer Yoon Tae Jin appeared on a radio broadcast and was asked about her feelings about being considered Kim Jong Kook’s ideal type. She humbly said, “I’m grateful for the mention”.

5. BTS Jungkook – IU

Jungkook - IU

Joining an SBS variety show in the past, BTS Jungkook also revealed his ideal type. When asked, “Do you have someone in your heart?”, Jungkook said, “I have an ideal type. She’s senior singer IU”. Later Jungkook also expressed his desire to do a duet with IU. The BTS member drew attention as he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even approach IU at an award ceremony.

Source: Wikitree

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