BLACKPINK were worried when a fan fainted at their “BORN PINK” concert 

The members were bewildered and worried about the health of the audience member. 

On the morning of December 16t, when BLACKPINK was performing at the next scheduled city, Copenhagen, Denmark in their “BORN PINK” world tour, a fan fainted in the audience. 

In the recorded clip of the incident, Rosé was the first to spot the fan who fainted, who was quickly noticed by Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie afterwards. The members were confused when faced with the issue. 

blackpink concert
Rosé and Lisa were worried when they learnt that an audience member just fainted 

Immediately, BLACKPINK asked other members of the audience for help and asked them to keep their distance so as to avoid any unfortunate event. Fans are hoping that this audience member will soon recover. 

blackpink concert
BLACKPINK asked the audience to stand back and keep their distance 

Previously, in a BLACKPINK fansign in July 2017, a staff came up on stage to inform of a fan’s fainting. In a similar manner, BLACKPINK also told other fans to step back to avoid causing pressure on the fainted. Unfortunately, the audience member did not gain consciousness right away and had to be rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, the fan woke up after and BLACKPINK was able to carry one with their fansign. 

blackpink fansign
BLACKPINK were worried when an audience member fainted at their fansign 
blackpink concert
When the fan had come round to, the members continued with the event 

Source: K14

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