Stars believed to have been divorced but are actually single (Eun Ji Won, Myung Se Bin & U-KISS Eli)

There are stars who held wedding ceremonies but haven’t legally registered their marriages.

On the July 23rd broadcast of MBN’s variety show “Dolsing Fourmen 4”, Eun Ji Won confessed that he is legally single. Previously, he was known to have gone through a divorce. He said, “I’ve been single for more than 10 years”, and admitted that he felt pressured about starting a new relationship. When asked if he was thinking of remarrying, Eun Ji Won said, “I’ll do it someday. I’m not against marriage”. 

Eun Ji-won

Eun Ji Won married his first love in Hawaii in April 2010 but divorced after two years due to differences in personalities. In this regard, Eun Ji Won said, “Life in the US was a little hard. We couldn’t register our marriage. That’s why I’m legally single”.

Eun Ji-won Myung Se-bin Eli

Actress Myung Se Bin, who recently gained popularity for her character transformation in JTBC’s drama “Doctor Cha”, divorced after only 5 months of marriage. However, she is still considered single on paper. The 49-year-old actress revealed on a recent program that she had undergone an egg-freezing procedure 10 years ago. In an interview after “Doctor Cha” ended in June, she confessed, “It’s not a flaw and I’m not embarrassed about it.” Regarding her thoughts on remarriage, the actress said, “If I meet a good person, I want to get married”.


In the case of U-KISS member Eli, the fact that he is legally single was revealed through his ex-wife Ji Yeon Soo. Appearing on a variety show after their divorce, Ji Yeon Soo said, “We lived as a ‘show window couple’ for a long time. We decided to divorce because we wanted to live happier lives.” She added, “Eli holds dual citizenship, American and Korean. Last year, his Korean citizenship was revoked, making him a legally single man with American nationality.”

Source: Daum

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