‘Squid Game’ Jung Ho Yeon’s admirable “harem” on Instagram: Dua Lipa, Zendaya, and even… Ronaldo?

Everyone has to admire the list of stars who follow the female lead of Squid Game Jung Ho Yeon since they are all well-known names in the entertainment industry.

Following the breakthrough of Squid Game, the most successful actor must be the female lead Jung Ho Yeon. Only about a month after the film’s release, Jung Ho Yeon has surpassed several renowned seniors, like Song Hye Kyo and Lee Sung Kyung, to become the most followed actress on Instagram, with 17.1 million followers.

Squid Game jung ho yeon

After the movie, Ho Yeon’s list of Instagram followers also includes many famous faces of a series of world superstars. Among them are hot female singer Dua Lipa, “Spider-Man’s girlfriend” Zendaya, legendary player Ronaldo de Lima, singer Pharrell Williams, legendary F1 driver Lewis Hamilton…

The popularity of Jung Ho Yeon astounded and delighted the Korean internet community: “I’m sure those people have watched Squid Game,” “Ho Yeon is very fashionable, I think foreigners will like her,” “Many people compare Jung Ho Yeon to Zendaya.” Ho Yeon’s Instagram followers are still growing at the moment. On internet forums, posts about her continue to draw a lot of interest.

Squid Game jung ho yeon
Jung Ho Yeon is now the most followed actress on Instagram

Source: K14

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