5 Korean movies that portray realistic romance with both sweet and bitter tastes

Let’s look through 5 Korean films that give you a glimpse of what an ordinary couple looks like.

Love stories that give excitement and heart-fluttering feelings are often seen in romance movies and melodramas. But where are the realistic details? In a real-life relationship, there are moments of quarrels and hesitations when deciding to break up. Through these processes, lovers understand each other, feel the importance of the other, and gain courage. 

There are quite a few well-loved movies that depict realistic romance by capturing the joys and sorrows when two people are in a romantic relationship. 

Nothing Serious

 “Nothing Serious” received huge love from movie fans since it reveals the honest views of men and women in real-life about love. It tells the story of Ja-young, a girl who is worried when it comes to dating, and Woo-ri, who softly holds on to both work and love, meeting each other through a dating app in a realistic way.  

Taking on the role of Ja-young, Jeon Jong-seo of “Burning” and “The Call” shows off her lovely charms and portrays the worries of young people. Son Seok-gu, who has recently become a famous star thanks to his passionate performances in “The Roundup” and “My Liberation Notes”, appears in “Nothing Serious” plays the clumsy guy Woo-ri and leads the story well together with Jeon Jong-seo.

Nothing Serious

Director Jung Ga-young of “Hit the Night” and “Heart” was in charge of directing and creating fun as well as lively stories and witty lines in the movie. Hot expressions that cross the line appear sometimes in the film, adding to the charm of the story. The biggest attraction of this work is that it gives you a sense of empathy by making you feel like you’re watching your “some” or love story in your 20s. 

This movie is currently available on TVing and it has also been released on the movie channel Catchon on June 5th.

Crazy Romance (The Most Ordinary Relationship)

“Crazy Romance” is a work that depicts the honest realistic romance between two people who have just broken up – Jae-hoon, a man who was hurt by his ex-girlfriend, and Sun-young, who was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend. 

5 Korean movies that portray realistic romance

The title sounds common but the uncommonly comic and straightforward stories create so much fun in the relationship between the two. You cannot find any romance that is completely full of pink mood in this work. Instead, “Crazy Romance” shows the feelings when people are at the end of their relationships, such as lingering, regret, and anger, as well as the comfort and empathy from another person in that desperate situation. 

Playing the main characters, Gong Hyo-jin and Kim Rae-won realistically capture their unusual but special views of love. Their direct but sometimes cheerful lines arouse the viewers’ interest in the movie even more. “Crazy Romance” is currently available on Netflix. 

Very Ordinary Couple

Will ex-lovers be able to protect their love after reuniting? “Very Ordinary Couple” is a movie that will answer this question faithfully and realistically. Dong-hee and Young-eun are co-workers at the same bank and they have been dating secretly for three years. However, just like any other couple, they quarrel frequently after knowing too much about each other and eventually break up. Although both want to become strangers to each other, a flame of emotion burns again little by little as they keep bumping into each other at work. After several incidents, the two once again get closer to each other and begin dating again. But will they be able to have a perfect ending this time?

very ordinary couple

Lee Min-ki and Kim Min-hee appeared in this movie to portray this office love story. They increase the viewers’ immersion in the story by presenting passionate performances that make you unable to distinguish between acting and real life. The honest and empathetic description of an office romance in “Very Ordinary Couple” is another attractive charm. 

The movie can be found on Watcha, TVing, and Coupang Play.

A Dramatic Night

“A Dramatic Night” tells about the love rebellion in a bitter but pleasant way. Meeting each other at the wedding of their ex-lovers, Jung-hoon and Sa-hoo share their pain after breakups and spend a dramatic night together. The two, who regret ending their relationship just like that, decide on meeting until they use up 10 coffee coupons, making the viewers wonder if they will use up the 10 coupons and break up coolly or open their hearts to welcome a new relationship. 

a dramatic night

Yoon Kye-sang and Han Ye-ri appeared in the movie as two people who want to say goodbye to their ex-lovers and revive their status of losers with a new romance. Throughout the whole movie, the two main characters deal with real concerns that inevitably happen in a relationship, stimulating further immersion. This doesn’t make the movie depressing at all but the parts were properly mixed with comic stories and sweet lines to show support for the two’s new love.

This movie is helpful for those who are afraid to make a new start after their failed relationships. You can find it on Watcha and Netflix.

Sweet & Sour

What is the taste of dating? “Sweet & Sour” is a romance that realistically depicts the moment when the taste of love, which lovers believe to remain forever in their relationship, changes. 

Da-eun, who works at a hospital, meets Jang-hyuk, a patient hospitalized with Hepatitis B then they become lovers. Although they think their love would always be full of happy and beautiful times, the heat doesn’t last long because of their busy work and various circumstances. Bo-young and Jang-hyuk, who are colleagues at the same company, take on a strange atmosphere and start to have feelings for each other. From this moment, the movie begins to unveil unexpected stories with surprising turning points.

sweet and sour

Jang Ki-yong, Chae Soo-bin and Jung Soo-jung starred in “Sweet & Sour”. Various emotions, such as happy, angry, and tearful, intersect in the fresh and realistic love story between the three. The twist that turns the whole story upside down is the reason why many movie fans want to watch “Sweet & Sour” again and again. It’s now on Netflix.

Source: Daum

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