Soyou takes over pool party stage with unprecedented string bikini 

Appearing in a super sexy string bikini, former SISTAR member Soyou wowed the audience at a pool party.

On August 12th, the “2023 Banyan Tree Oasis Pool Party” was held at Banyan Tree Club & Spa in Seoul. Here, former SISTAR member and soloist Soyou stood out by wearing a bikini top and hot pants. 

Particularly, she drew attention for flaunting her voluminous figure in a red string bikini top with thin strings connecting the back, shoulders, and chest.


During her performance, Soyou sang hit songs like “Aloha” and “Shake It” exuding her “summer queen” charm. She continued to deliver a lively performance despite intense choreography, heating up the atmosphere.

Known for her consistent exercise and diet routine, Soyou evokes admiration and impresses the audience with her well-toned figure on this pool party stage. 


Meanwhile, fans who watched footage of Soyeon at the pool party reacted passionately and left comments such as, “She’s so sexy with such confident appearance and healthy beauty!”, “Wow”, “Soyeon’s level is unprecedented”, “Absolutely gorgeous”, and so on. 


On the other hand, Soyou, who was born in 1991, debuted as a member of girl group SISTAR in 2010. As a lead vocalist of SISTAR, she received a lot of love for her refreshing vocal color and singing ability, and after the group’s disbandment in 2017, Soyou has continued her successful solo career.

In July, Soyou released a new album titled “Summer Recipe”, which boasts pop dance track “Aloha” as its title. 

Source: Wikitree

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