Song Joongki Opens Up About His Daily Life after Marriage and Fatherhood

Song Joongki shares insights on his life after marriage and becoming a father, revealing a more personal side

On September 25th, ahead of the release of the movie ‘Hopeless,’ Song Joongki had an interview with Wikitree.

‘Hopeless’ tells the story of Yeonkyu, who wants to escape from a hellish reality and gets involved in a dangerous world after meeting the middle boss of an organization, Chigeon. It was invited to the 76th Cannes International Film Festival held this year. In the film, Song Joongki plays Chigeon.

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Earlier, in January, Song Joongki married British actress Katy Louise Saunders. Just five months later, in June, they announced the birth of their son. ‘Hopeless’ has garnered a lot of attention as Song Joongki’s first project after the news of his marriage and son’s birth.

Mentioning his wife, Song Joongki said with a smile, “We don’t talk much about this industry. But my wife has already attended big film festivals, so when we went to Cannes this time, she told me not to get too excited or make a fuss.”

Regarding his daily life, he explained, “Our son is now over 100 days old. He has some strength in his neck now, so he can turn it left and right. He’s growing up so fast day by day. My daily life is just like any other dad’s.”

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Throughout the interview, Song Joongki openly talked about his wife and son. However, he also went through a difficult time due to groundless rumors that surfaced right after the news of his marriage to Katy Louise Saunders.

Regarding this, Song Joongki said, “Of course, there were sad moments. But after the birth of the child, I have been living with a grateful heart, so the sadness has disappeared. Now I just think, ‘I need to live a good life.’ I’m just grateful that the child was born healthy.”

Song Joongki even asked the reporter, “Would you like to see my son?” and showed a video of his baby on his phone. The baby has large eyes and a lovely smile, just like Song Joongki. Song Joongki was proudly showing off his son while laughing. He was just like any ordinary dad who can’t stop bragging about his child.

Source: wikitree

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