Former 2NE1 leader caused heated controversy with her new photo set: Artistic or ridiculous?

CL’s daring photo set is causing a lot of conflicting opinions.

CL posted three photos on her Instagram on March 22nd. It was a work in collaboration with WOW Magazine.

The photos are truly amazing. CL wore a see-through outfit with bright red nails and posed to cover her breasts. She even matched them with petals. In another photo, she covered her body with hair and props.


CL described the pictorial’s concept in the short term “bathroom“. Her latest pictorial is amazing enough to overwhelm all other female celebrities. She surpasses celebrities who released underwear photos such as Hyuna, Taeyeon and Jennie. CL, who usually showed a bold style, is of a high level even considering that.


More than 240,000 people have already pressed “Like” for CL‘s photos. Actor Dong Hyun-bae exclaimed, “It’s really cool, Chae-rin.” However, many others don’t think so.

And this is the most disparaging photo, causing a lot of mixed opinions whether it is considered offensive or not?

These photos have sparked a heated debate among Kpop fans. Many people believe that this is CL’s distinctive style, and that breaking the norm is an art form. On the other hand, the opposing side said that CL has gone too far so the photos become offensive.

Netizens’ comments:

  • I don’t find it offensive, I just don’t find it beautiful. I think CL suits a different style.
  • Obviously the outfit is inspired by traditional costumes and so is the background. But the pose is too offensive.
  • I’m glad that after 2NE1’s disbandment, CL is no longer called an idol. She can do what she wants, can be herself.
  • This is not a Korean newspaper site. She is showing great sides of art. Please respect her

Meanwhile, 32-year-old CL released her first full album “ALPHA” in October last year.


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