Song Ji-hyo shows an elegant and beautiful look with her short haircut: “Beauty comes from change”

Actress Song Ji-hyo unveiled a new short haircut styling in her new advertising campaign. 

song ji hyo

Song Ji-hyo posted several advertisement photos of a brand through her personal SNS on December 20th. 

song ji hyo

In the released photo, Song Ji-hyo poses in an elegant off-shoulder dress while her short haircut highlights her innocent beauty by further highlighting her slender shoulder line. 

The photos, which have a more elegant atmosphere as Ji-hyo has her bangs down, give off a mysterious vibe with her hair as if staying between a shortcut and the ponytail style. Song Ji-hyo is also smiling brightly as if she likes the new style, catching the attention of her fans. 

song ji hyo

In particular, what attracted attention the most was the advertisement phrase that seemed to be conscious of the controversy surrounding Song Ji-hyo‘s short haircut. The phrases “Your change, Your confidence,” “Beauty comes from change,” and “Change is beautiful” are impressive as if cheering for Song Ji-hyo

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo has recently cut her hair into a short haircut and has been embroiled in heated debate, with fans announcing a statement demanding the agency to change her stylist team. In response, Song Ji-hyo directly mentioned the short haircut on SBS “Running Man” on Dec 19th, saying, “The stylist always did it, but they made it fit today’s concept,” adding, “Isn’t my short hair growing so quickly?”

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