Song Hye Kyo surpassed 130,000 likes in just an hour on her first photo since “The Glory”

Actress Song Hye Kyo showed off her timeless beauty through another pictorial on her SNS account.

On Jan 21st, Song Hye Kyo posted several pictorial photos on her SNS account. In the caption, she only tagged the brand without much comment.

song hye kyo

In the photos, Song Hye Kyo still catches the public’s attention with her beauty and elegance.

In particular, she exceeded 130,000 “likes” within an hour after posting the photos. This seems to have been amplified by the recent popularity of her latest work, Netflix’s “The Glory.”

song hye kyo

Meanwhile, “The Glory,” starring Song Hye Kyo, has accumulated 144 million viewing hours since Part 1 was released on Dec 30th, 2022. As of the third week of its release, “The Glory” is ranking first in 8 countries, including South Korea, and is listed in the “Top 10” in 34 countries. Part 2 of “The Glory” will be released on March 10th, also on Netflix.

song hye kyo

Source: Sports World

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