Son Seok Koo, from Mr. Koo to the baddest villain to the first cop dispatched to the Philippines (“Big Bet”)

Son Seok Koo turned into the first dispatched Korean police officer to the Philippines.

Disney+’s original series “Big Bet” released still cuts of Son Seok Koo‘s character in the series. In particular, Son plays Oh Seung Hoon, a cop dispatched to the Philippines.

son seok gu

Actor Son Seok Koo captivated the hearts of the entire nation with his deadly charm as “Kang Hae Sang” in 2022’s blockbuster movie “The Roundup” and as “Mr. Koo” in “My Liberation Notes.” This time, he is coming back with “Big Bet.”

My Liberation Notes

“Big Bet” tells the intense story of Cha Moo Sik (Choi Min Sik), a casino legend in the Philippines getting caught up in a murder, which leads to him starting the last bet on the brink of life.

In this work, Son Seok Koo plays Oh Seung Hoon, a dispatched cop who started his mission as the first “Korean Desk” in the Philippines. Son Seok Koo will show various faces, ranging from the life of an ordinary office worker who adapts to an unfamiliar environment alone to the sharp side of a police officer who performs his duties by digging into the truth of a murder case.

son seok gu

Director Kang Yoon Sung, who directed “Big Bet,” said, “Son Seok Koo played a very big role as the character Oh Seung Hoon,” adding, “He even added to the script himself and suggested various ideas, which was really good.” Many are paying attention to how the character Oh Seung Hoon, portrayed by Son Seok Koo with his own color, will do in “Big Bet.”

Meanwhile, “Big Bet” will be released worldwide on December 21st through OTT platform Disney+.

son seok gu

Source: Star News

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