SM confirmed NCT’s current situation: how many members are there?

And what’s more important is that, is WayV a unit of NCT?

Chris Lee, a member of SM Entertainment’s executive management recently revealed something that all NCTzen desperately wants to know: Is there any connection between WayV and NCT?

Even though WayV has released the Chinese version of “Regular” which is a song released before by NCT 127, and its line-up includes Ten, Winwin, Lucas and Kun, fans are still confused whether the other members are also a part of NCT. The appearance of WayV confuses everything even more.

Luckily, Chris Lee has the answer. According to him, NCT has many different units to promote in different countries, and WayV is also one of them. Chris stressed that NCT now has 21 members, including the new members Yangyang, Xiaojun and Hendery.

The most recent activities of NCT are NCT 127’s comeback with “Superhuman”, WayV’s “Take Off” and NCT Dream’s SM Station track “Don’t Need Your Love”.

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