A celebrity who sends her dog to school and teaches it swimming as if she’s raising a child 

This celebrity is receiving attention by revealing her daily life with her dog through Instagram. 

Broadcaster Lee Hye Young recently posted a photo of her spending a happy weekend at home with her dog. In the photo, Lee Hye Young is wearing a comfortable T-shirt and shorts, showing off her happiness with a bright smile.

lee hye young

On August 28th, Lee Hye Young made a guest appearance on MBN’s entertainment program “Divorced Singles 3” and mentioned her dog.  When Yoo Se Yoon asked about the scar on her nose, Lee Hye Young explained it was caused by her 3-month-old puppy that she adopted. She said, “The puppy is so active and likes playing with the doll. The moment I was about to put the doll down, the puppy tried to grab the doll and bit my nose.” 

Lee Hye Young then went on to reveal that she had been taking care of her dog as if she was bringing up a child. She said, “I send my dog to school and even give swimming lessons. I am raising my dog with the heart of raising a child.” 

Meanwhile, Lee Hye Young recently made headlines by announcing her recent activities as a painter. She is currently garnering attention by appearing in various entertainment shows such as “Divorced Singles 3” and “Same Bed, Different Dreams.”

Source: daum

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