Respected actress Go Doo-shim: “I asked BTS for a collab during filming” (I Like Go Doo-shim)

Go Doo-shim, a respected actress and famous reality star, asked BTS to collaborate

On the August 30th episode of the Channel A program “I Like Go Doo-shim” (literal translation), the story of Go Doo-shim’s surprise collaboration request with global star BTS will be revealed.

In this broadcast, Go Doo-shim and Kim Chang-ok – a communication expert, went on a trip to 

Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, which is a thousand-year old town in Baekje.

goo doo shim

The two enjoyed a healing walk in the city center while looking around the old quarters, where one can find various attractions such as the Gongsanseong Fortress, boarding streets, and food alleys. In addition, they also visited a heritage site that played an important role in Korea’s textile industry in the past. This is because the only remaining saekdong factory could be found here.

Saekdong is a multi-color pattern which retains the traditional beauty of Korea, and was revived in the 1970s and 1980s. However, in the 1990s, it suffered from a great decline, and only two weaving machines remained in operation. These two, which are situated inside a large factory, were visited by Go Doo-shim, who is interested in the disappearing tradition.

goo doo shim

The factory president Han Doo Heum and his employees have been protecting this place with a desperate heart to protect the saekdong, which may disappear amid difficulties in operation and weakening profitability. 

Go Doo-shim and Kim Chang-ok, who were looking at various colored products displayed in the factory such as fabrics, bean wallets, and needle rests, cheered when they discovered colored shoes that were being developed as new products in line with the trend these days. 

goo doo shim

Go Doo-shim, who is obsessed with shoes boasting colorful and sophisticated designs, said: “If BTS, a global star, wears these shoes on the world stage, everyone will go crazy over them.”

She suddenly asked BTS for a collaboration to promote Korea’s traditional culture, “Saekdong is a traditional color of Korea, but foreigners will love it.”

goo doo shim

Go Doo-shim considered herself as a public relations ambassador as she put on Saekdong shoes and presented an impromptu “Saekdong Runway” with Kim Chang-ok at the scene.

In addition, Go Doo-shim’s first self-composed song will be revealed for the first time on the show.

It is rumored that Go Doo-shim, who said “I have my own song” and suddenly started singing while reading a poem written on the wall in Gongju’s “Na Tae-ju Alleyway”, surprised Kim Chang-ok and the field staff by performing a sad melody song with desperate lyrics.

goo doo shim

As Gongju has a long history, you can feel the traces of time wherever you go. You can check out the episode “Healing walk in the town, Gongju” of “I Like Go Doo-shim” on Channel A at 8:10 PM on August 30th.

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