Showing Kim Soo Mi and Jung Ji Seon’s powertrip controversies, “Boss in the Mirror” gets criticized for its excessive content

Viewers think “Boss in the Mirror” has lost its original intention of reflecting the relationship between bosses and employees.

Actress Kim Soo Mi joined KBS 2TV’s variety show “Boss in the Mirror” as a new boss. However, the rehearsal scene of Kim Soo Mi and her team for a musical was revealed. 


Among the cast who worked with Kim Soo Mi, Kim Hyung Joon, a former member of SS501, politely approached her, bowed 90 degrees, and tried to get closer to her. However, Kim Soo Mi showed a rather cold reaction and bluntly said, “I prefer another actor for the son-in-law role. I don’t like your fake behavior”. When Kim Hyung Joon gave her a gift to show his respect, Kim Soo Mi did not even smile and ignored him. After the performance, Kim Hyung Joon visited Kim Soo Mi’s waiting room and gave her a bouquet of flowers but the senior actress looked unsatisfied. 


Although Kim Hyung Joon has been active for 18 years, Kim Soo Mi is still considered one of the oldest actresses in the entertainment industry. However, her attitude of ignoring the efforts of a junior who is younger in age and experience drew disappointment from viewers and the production team. Kim Soo Mi briefly apologized to Kim Hyung Joon through the VCR, but it seems to be too late.

Chef Jung Ji Seon, who is appearing on “Boss in the Mirror”, was also exposed to power abuse. In response to a staff who prepared kimchi pancakes for her, she said, “I didn’t know it could be this bad”. In addition, she ordered her staff not to create a chatroom without her and complained about the healing trip that an employee named Kim Tae Guk prepared for her.


Jung Ji Seon’s behavior towards her employees was beyond mere advice or guidance. It was more like criticism. Unlike Kim Soo Mi, Jung Ji Seon is a self-employed entertainer who needs to gain interest and trust of viewers. Then, is it necessary for her to maintain the power abuse concept that makes viewers and even other employees uncomfortable?

The current format of the show fails to depict both the boss’s and the employees’ perspectives. Only an outdated culture of bullying remains. At this point, the producers of “Boss in the Mirror” seem to be obsessed with creating uncomfortable and outdated characters.


Of course, it’s possible that the ‘bosses’ set up certain situations to make the show more entertaining. However, they cannot ignore viewers’ opinions that the content is excessive. There are also concerns that the production team is only focused on ratings and turning the cast into scapegoats. What happened to their original intention of making bosses voluntarily reflect on themselves to create a workplace where employees enjoy working?

Source: Daum

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