SHINee’s Key And Taemin Apologize For Colorist Remarks About Minho’s Skin

SHINee members issued apologies regarding their controversial comments about skin color

According to News1 on September 29th, SHINee’s official SNS account posted an apology from PRISM Production Center, which is in charge of SHINee’s content, as well as SHINee members Key and Taemin.

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Prism Production said, “Inappropriate remarks that were not ill-intended were included in the members’ conversation. Once we became aware of the issue, we immediately removed the clip. We understand how disrespectful these comments are. Both Key and Taemin are deeply regretting their behavior and reflecting in order to do better in the future.”

In particular, Key said, “I deeply apologize for my insensitive remarks in the recent content, and I have spent a lot of time reflecting on feedback from the fans who were disappointed by my comment. I will be more careful to make sure that my words and actions are more considerate moving forward. I sincerely apologize”. 

Taemin also apologized, saying “My sincere apologies for any discomfort and hurt caused by my inappropriate remarks. I will make a more diligent effort to be careful with my behavior and words in the future.”

Earlier, in a content uploaded on SHINee’s official YouTube account, Key and Taemin commented about Minho’s skin color, saying “Why are you so tanned? If you close your eyes and mouth, you’ll be invisible”, “Hyung, every time I saw you after you played golf, I couldn’t see any white parts on your face except for the eyes and teeth”, etc.

After watching the video, international fans poured criticism over two members’ rude remarks about skin color.

Source: Nate

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