Shin Hye-sun’s Film “Brave Citizen” Unveils Characters By Park Jung-woo, Park Hyuk-won & Cha Chung-hwa

“Brave Citizen” will bring laughter to viewers with the performance of Park Jung-woo, Park Hyuk-won and Cha Chung-hwa

On September 26th, Mindmark revealed still cuts of actors Park Jung-woo, Park Hyuk-won, and Cha Chung-hwa in “Brave Citizen”. 

“Brave Citizen” is a film about fixed-term teacher So Si-min (Shin Hye-sun), who pretends to not see injustice and has a bad temper, facing the evil deeds of Han Soo-gang (Lee Joon-young), a power who crosses the line.

Shin Hye-sun-Lee Joon-young-Brave Citizen

First, Park Jung-woo takes on the role of Go Jin-hyung, who was bullied by the gang of Han Soo-gang. Go Jin-hyung endures Han Soo-gang’s violence for the sake of his grandmother. Due to the severe damage of the violence, he asks So Si-min for help. Regarding Park Jung-woo, director Park Jin-pyo said, “The actor captivated me at the audition. He showed great passion by studying the scenario himself and actively sharing various opinions with me.”

 Brave Citizen

Next, Park Hyuk-won plays So Young-taek, So Si-min’s father. This character always appreciates his daughter as she gave up her dream for their family and he’s also a righteous person who can’t stand injustice. Recognized for his comic acting in numerous movies and dramas, Park Hyuk-won will continue to showcase his strength this time. The director shared, “This person is an immature father who loves his daughter but has been stained a little. Park Hyuk-won is the only reliable actor who can portray such a character without getting hated”.

 Brave Citizen

Lastly, Cha Chung-hwa will appear as Lee Jae-kyung, a teacher and teaching director. She tries to show a dignified appearance in front of So Si-min and advises her to endure injustice, but gets shaken easily.

Actress Shin Hye-sun also expressed her feelings about working with Park Hyuk-won and Cha Chung-hwa, saying “I got along well with actress Cha Chung-hwa and we understood each other well without saying a word. Both of them gave me lots of energy on the set”.

Meanwhile, “Brave Citizen” will premiere on October 25th.

Source: Daum

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