“Seven” marks Jungkook’s first step as a solo singer & soothes fans’ concerns over BTS’s military period

The solo single song “Seven” actually brought about more achievements for Jungkook than he could expect. 

It’s been nearly a month since Jungkook released his solo single “Seven” but the heat of the song has not yet cooled down. Apart from ranking high on music charts, “Seven” also proves Jungkook’s musicality and popularity. 

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“Seven” dominates Billboard ‘HOT 100’ chart top spot right after its release

Jungkook’s solo single “Seven” was highly praised by both music critics with trained ears and the public. Shortly after its release, the song debuted at No.1 on the Billboard ‘HOT 100’ chart and then maintained the top position for three consecutive weeks. This outstanding achievement was possible thanks to not only Jungkook’s huge fandom but also the song’s high quality.

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Produced by Grammy-winning producer Andrew Watt and various other talented songwriters, the song’s simple and exciting melody is among the reasons that contributed to its success. Competing with many top artists in the music industry, Jungkook’s collaboration with such producers was such a good strategy since he is taking steps into the American mainstream market as a solo artist.

Created by the best team, “Seven” not only captivates listeners as an easy-listening and enjoyable summer pop but also meets the high expectations that fans and the public set for the main vocalist of BTS. The UK garage genre-based cheerful rhythm provides an excellent opportunity for Jungkook to showcase his singing skills and convey an impactful message.

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In fact, global music listeners have recognized Jungkook’s potential to become a solo singer and anticipated more songs from him ever since he released his solo track “Euphoria” in BTS’s 2018 album. Such expectations rose little by little as he released more tracks through “My Time” and “Still With You”. Perhaps it’s in the most contemporary genre that Jungkook’s voice can shine the brightest and “Seven” is a perfect song to naturally and effortlessly introduces Jungkook’s first step as a solo singer. 

“Seven” is more successful than just being a hit song

Jungkook’s success as a solo pop artist with “Seven” is undoubtedly having a positive impact on the entire K-pop industry. Together with Jungkook’s hit “Seven”, historic moments, such as J-Hope’s performance at Coachella, Jimin’s solo album “FACE” topping Billboard charts, V’s solo album arousing keen interest even before its release, etc., all prove that BTS can maintain their immense global popularity with solo activities and soothe fans’ concerns over BTS’s group activity hiatus due to members’ military enlistments. 

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The success of “Seven” in the US music market has certified that BTS phenomenon is still expanding even without group promotions. What’s obvious is that “Seven” by Jungkook will be remembered for more than just being a hit song. For fans of BTS and Jungkook, “Seven” not only marks the beginning of a new chapter for solo artist Jungkook but also comforts fans who were upset by the group’s temporary hiatus. Above all, “Seven” is well-received as a lively and cheerful pop even by people who are not familiar with BTS’s music or idol music in general. “Seven” has actually garnered more attention as a good song rather than a new release by BTS Jungkook. As such, this signals the emergence of Jungkook as a global pop singer, not just as the main vocalist of BTS. Attention is focused on what Jungkook will do in the future to showcase his potential even more. 

Source: Daum

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