Netizens mistook a fanboy being hugged by IU on stage for RM (BTS)

The clip that is said to be RM (BTS) excited when being hugged by IU on stage is attracting the attention of the domestic and international Kpop fan community.

Recently, the domestic and international Kpop fan community was suddenly stirred up by the clip recording the moment that supposedly IU was hugging… RM (BTS) right on stage. Specifically, in the clip, which is about 10 seconds long, the image of IU hugging a guy who is said to be the leader of BTS has made netizens extremely curious.

Clip of the moment that is said to be IU hugging RM (BTS) on stage
The moment that is making the Kpop fan community think that IU is hugging RM (BTS)
He also expressed his excitement when IU showed his affection
The clip that raised suspicions now has nearly 4 million views

However, the man in the clip is actually not RM – BTS’s leader, but a dancer of IU. Because his face and body figure look quite similar to RM, and the fancam’s resolution is rather low, this led to a hilarious misunderstanding.

In fact, the moment IU gave a hug to the dancer was during her performance of the song “Every End Of The Day” at the Love Poem concert (Jakarta) taking place at the end of December 2019. Many people think that this is probably due to a long time has passed since the concert and this moment suddenly resurfaced, making netizens suspect that the man in the clip is BTS’s RM, thus gaining much attention.

Every End Of The Day – Love Poem Tour – IU 
The guy in the viral clip is actually IU’s dancer
IU’s image in the 2019 Love Poem concert
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