Netizens choose the girl group that YG and SM will definitely never be able to create again

Netizens completely agree with the girlgroup from SM, however, the representative of YG causes controversy. 

Every year, dozens of girl groups and hundreds of idols are released.  Therefore, to be able to get a stable foothold and create a reputation in this market is extremely difficult.  Recently, a Korean article selected two unique girl groups that SM and YG will never be able to create again: SNSD and BLACKPINK.

However, immediately, Korean netizens had different opinions.  2 other names besides SNSD and BLACKPINK mentioned by many people are 2NE1 (representative of YG) and f(x) (representative of SM).  Even many people do not recognize BLACKPINK but think that it is 2NE1, which deserves the title of “unique and hard to be created again”.   

  • For YG, it’s 2NE1, right?
  •  f(x) for SM, 2NE1 for YG.
  •  I don’t think we’ll see a group like f(x) again.
  •  I really think it’s 2NE1.
  •  2NE1 is legendary but I also think we’ll never see another group like BLACKPINK again.  All members have great influence.  They are both muses or ambassadors for high-end brands and collaborate with top international artists.  In fact, the most popular 2NE1 member are CL and Park Bom while Minzy and Dara are less popular…
  • The combination of BLACKPINK members is really great.
  • Of course, it’s SNSD.  SNSD is legendary.

Although most of the comments mentioned the “legendary” group 2NE1, some also mentioned why BLACKPINK is a unique group.  All 4 members have great influence when doing individual activities, while in joint activities, they have explosive success with their distinct musical color.

And in fact, each group itself gives fans their own feelings.  Therefore, the evaluation of the “uniqueness” of a group is only a subjective view of each person.

Source: K14

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