Seung Ri’s luxury life through his old girlfriend’s words

In 2016, Shukan Bunshun (Japan) caused a stir when posting an interview with a girl who claimed to be Seungri’s girlfriend. At that time, many fans criticized this article, claiming that it was a slanderous article about the male singer. However, after Seung Ri caught up with the prostitution brokerage scandal and being in the group chat which spread sex videos from illegal cameras, the article was … dug up again.

Seung Ri was caught in the hotel with a Japanese girlfriend in 2013. The photo was publicized by Shukan Bunshun in 2016.
Seung Ri was caught in the hotel with a Japanese girlfriend in 2013. The photo was publicized by Shukan Bunshun in 2016.

In the article, the girl claimed to be Seungri’s girlfriend since 2013. The two have been dating for a year when Seung Ri regularly has promotions in Japan. This girl revealed they first met at a karaoke bar. “At first, he was quite wary and even took my mobile phone. But when I started talking about my work, he complimented me: ‘You worked very hard’. We went to the bathroom together, he sang Justin Timberlake songs, we always met at a hotel, meals were always booked through room service – like a sandwich or coffee, only the simple dishes “.

The ex-girlfriend commented on Seungri’s behavior: “There was a time Seung Ri took a high-speed train from Nagoya to Tokyo and immediately went to 3 bars with a few girls. They rented a Korean restaurant and when all of them started eating, he told the restaurant owner: ‘If it’s a money problem, I can afford it.’ He has very bad actions when he is drunk, like bringing any female attendants home, so he has a lot of indecent girls around him, he acts like an extremely rich and famous person in Japan. “

Although Seungri was dating (with the woman in the interview), he still went out with many other girls. “Once I went into his room and walked passed another girl who had just left. Another time, he left the restaurant at 4 am and was hugging the model he just met. They went in the same car to the familiar hotel. Of course, I really hated this, so I broke up with him.”

Seungri is famous for his long list of relationships. In the past, the guy was repeatedly caught being together with girls from many different countries, even his photos taken on the bed were leaked, causing quite a big controversy. Seungri’s most recent girlfriend is rookie actress Yoo Hye Won. After the scandal, she removed all images related to Seungri. Many sources affirmed that Yoo Hye Won has sex photos taken with Seungri when dating him last year.

In 2012, an anonymous girl released her intimate photo with Seungri on Friday magazine (Japan). The girl said she was the “one-night stand” of him and made everyone shocked when she revealed the bad habits when having sex of Seungri.
Japanese model Kubo Anna was caught kissing Seung Ri on the cheek while two people came to Hong Kong to film Detective Kindaichi.
In September 2016, he was in rumored to be dating Chinese beauty Bea Hayden Kuo
In August 2017, Seungri was intimate with Ellen Adarna – a sexy Filipino actress.
Yoo Hye Won is Seungri’s most recent girlfriend. She often posts hot photos on her SNS
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