Second generation of famous stars “It’s hard for them to live normally with their outstanding visuals”

The public’s interest in the second generation of beloved stars with stunning looks is growing

Notable couples from the entertainment and sports worlds, such as actress Han Hye-jin & soccer player Ki Sung-yueng and actor Hyun Bin & actress Son Ye-jin are gaining attention regarding their children.

On October 2nd, actresses Han Hye-jin and Im Soo-hyang appeared as guests on SBS Power FM’s “Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown”, where they mentioned the second generation of Ki Sung-yueng & Han Hye-jin. Radio DJ Park Ha-sun praised, “I saw Han Hye-jin’s daughter in person, and she’s so pretty. She has an appearance that is difficult to live normally.” Im Soo-hyang chimed in “Because her mom and dad are very pretty and handsome“, to which Han Hye-jin responded with gratitude.

Ki Sung-yong Han Hye-jin

Han Hye-jin married soccer player Ki Sung-yueng, who is 8 years younger than her, in 2013. They welcomed their daughter Ki Si-on in September 2015. Han Hye-jin often shares photos of Si-on, receiving praise from netizens.

Hyun Bin & Son Ye-jin also talked about their second generation’s looks directly. Son Ye-jin appeared on the YouTube channel “Lim Jin-han Class” on September 27th and discussed her son’s appearance. Hyun Bin & Son Ye-jin got married on March 31st last year after starring together in tvN’s drama “Crash Landing on You”. They welcomed a son in November last year. Son Ye-jin mentioned, “Many people say that he looks like a perfect mix of us. They say the eyes and the upper part of his face resemble me, while the lower part of his face takes after his dad. Babies’ faces keep changing. I’m happy that he looks more like me now.”

Hyun Bin Son Ye-jin

Lee Min-jung & Lee Byung-hun’s son, Joon-hoo, also became a hot topic due to his appearance. In January, actor Kwon Sang-woo appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” and praised Joon-hoo, “(Lee) Byung-hun and he look alike. He’s really handsome.” MC Yoo Se-yoon added, “Lee Byung-hun, I’m sorry but he seems even more handsome (than you).” Lee Min-jung & Lee Byung-hun got married in August 2013 and welcomed their son Joon-hoo in March 2015. They announced last August that they were expecting their second child, receiving congratulations from many.

Besides, the son of actor Kwon Sang-woo and his wife Son Tae-young, named Ruk-hee, gained attention for his exceptional looks and superior body proportions. Furthermore, actress Han Ga-in, who is married to actor Yeon Jung-hoon, appeared on JTBC’s “Handless Day” in March and mentioned, “My son looks a lot like me. So when my mother-in-law sees my son, she says he reminds her of my younger self and feels like she’s going back in time.

Source: Daum

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