BLACKPINK Jennie steals spotlight with beauty and sexiness on “The Idol”

Jennie Ruby Jane officially debuted as an actor in the first aired episode of “The Idol”.

On June 4th (U.S. Time), HBO’s “The Idol” officially aired. BLACKPINK Jennie made her official debut as an actor with the first episode of the series. While Lily-Rose Depp is the star of the show, Jennie stole the spotlight with her immaculate beauty.

Jennie debuted as an actor with “The Idol”

In the first episode of “The Idol”, Jennie transforms into Dyanne, one of Jocelyn’s backup dancers (Lily-Rose Depp). She first appeared when Jocelyn arrived at a shooting and was the first person she greeted. Afterward, Dyanne trained with other backup dancers, showing off precise, powerful, but no less sexy, dance moves.

During a press conference for the premiere of “The Idol”, Jennie shared that she did not have much time to practice. Luckily, her idol experience helped her pull through the difficult task. She said, “I mean, I had to do a lot of dancing in the show, which came to me very naturally because it’s something that I do.


While Jennie did not have many lines to flaunt her acting skills, the idol-actor’s natural beauty and versatile charms captured immediate attention. Most notably, her expression in the sauna scene caught eyes, showing her potential as actor Jennie Ruby Jane rather than singer Jennie.


“The Idol” reflects the dark side of the music industry. It revolves around Jocelyn, an A-list singer with millions of fans. Due to a nervous breakdown, she had to cancel a whole tour. After the incident, Jocelyn aims to come back stronger than ever. Yet, she meets Tedros (The Weeknd), a mysterious man who will have a strong influence on her.

Source: HBO  

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