BIGBANG G-Dragon is no longer an artist under YG Entertainment?

G-Dragon, a member of BIGBANG, is not listed among artists who are under YG Entertainment, raising questions. 

On June 5th, an article titled “YG Entertainment Singer/Actress Contract List as of March 31st” was published on the Korean forum theqoo, and has since drawn massive attention.

In particular, the article attached an excerpt from YG’s financial report for the first quarter of 2023 (up to March 31st), which allegedly listed singers and actors who currently have contracts with the agency. 


In particular, the singer list includes: BLACKPINK, AKMU, WINNER, Sechskies, Jinusean, and TREASURE. There is no mention of G-Dragon nor BIGBANG, raising concerns among netizens. 

Previously, Taeyang has announced his transfer to The Black Label, whilst Daesung has left YG altogether. T.O.P also revealed that he has departed from both YG and BIGBANG, leaving G-Dragon the only current BIGBANG member under YG.

g draGON

However, with this recently-revealed “YG singers list”, it seems that G-Dragon has also taken his next move. Some fans speculate that G-Dragon may have left the company, transferred to a subsidiary like Taeyang, or established his own agency.

So far, YG Entertainment is still remaining silent about this information. 

Source: theqoo

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