Se7en’s girlfriend, Lee Da Hae reveals her luxury date with a beautiful flower bouquet

Lee Da Hae shared about her happy daily life moments.

On October 14th, Lee Da Hae uploaded on her Instagram some photos showing her moments with acquaintances and wrote, “Second date in Jamsil. Why did we eat so much that day? Knowing too many good restaurants is really a problem. We ate deliciously, so we’re going to gain weight.”

Lee Da Hae Se7en

The released photos revealed moments of Lee Da Hae spending her leisure time eating delicious food at a luxurious restaurant. Especially, Lee Da Hae’s happy expression while holding a large bouquet of flowers in her arms has attracted netizens’ attention.

Lee Da Hae Se7en

Meanwhile, Lee Da Hae is currently in a romantic relationship with Se7en.

Source: Naver

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