Lee Seung-gi, who is publicly dating Lee Da-in, directly mentions his romantic relationship for the first time

Lee Seung-gi revealed his position on his romantic relationship for the first time.

On June 5th, Lee Seung-gi announced a position regarding his romantic relationship through his official website.

Lee Seung-gi said, “I think we lacked communication and got hurt a lot during the past year so considering this for a long time, I decided to open up to you.”

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He continued, “First of all, I have stayed silent amidst all the confusion. I believed saying anything emotionally would not convey my thoughts clearly. I thought, ‘If I said something, I might cause greater misunderstandings and hurt everyone’.” 

Lee Seung-gi added, “Secondly, I was worried that if our communication and stories spread and became distorted rumors, it would hurt many people and be used as another gossip for someone”, adding, “So I hope everyone would understand why I was reticent when asked to reveal a position to clarify the issue”.

Mentioning his romantic relationship for the first time, Lee Seung-gi said, “As there has been no change in my position or personal life since the dating rumor broke out last year, I neither made any additional comments on it nor found it necessary to do so”. 

Lastly, he added, “I’m sorry if I upset everyone with the issue and I really want to comfort you all. Please blame me for my shortcomings and I hope you can generously understand my position.”

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Earlier last year, Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in publicized their romantic relationship after dating rumors broke out. At that time Lee Da-in said, “We met as senior and junior and have been getting to know each other carefully with good feelings since 5-6 months ago.”

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The two were then embroiled in several rumors of marriage and breakup but both sides did not make any official statement. 

Source: wikitree

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