“Age was not an issue”… The reason why “Running Man” stopped “Name-tag ripping”

“Running Man” revealed the real reason for quitting its classic game material “Name-tag ripping”.

SBS’ Running Man, which aired on April 24th, conducted the special 600th episode. On this day’s broadcast, on the occasion of the 600th episode, the cast had time to answer various questions that viewers had been curious about. Yoo Jae-suk answered a question about the “Name-tag ripping” game, which caused different opinions among netizens.

Running Man

Previously, there have been various speculations among “Running Man” viewers over the fact that “Running Man” did not play the “Name-tag ripping” game anymore. In particular, what received the most votes was the opinion that the members’ physical strength was not the same as before as they got older.

Running Man

Yoo Jae-suk denied, “People say that the reason we don’t play the ‘Name-tag ripping’ game is because we’re old. That’s not the problem at all.” He continued, “The production team said it was not easy to find a new way to remove name tags.” He then revealed the candid reason, “Actually, if we film hard just because viewers say they want to see name tags removed, the ratings will drop sharply.” Haha added, “You’re curious, but you won’t watch it, right?”

Running Man

Meanwhile, “Running Man” airs every Sunday at 5 PM.

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