Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

Fans often see the popularity and aura of K-pop idols.  However, their softness and fatigue are not allowed to be revealed.  Fans can only see their deep insides and suffering through their idol’s narrative.


Referring to popular K-pop idols, G-Dragon is a typical name.  The leader of BIGBANG has always carried a cool, cold image.  However, he also contains a lot of confidence.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

When he was a trainee, G-Dragon and his best friend Taeyang went through enough hardships.  Back then, YG was a small and very poor company, BIGBANG had to practice hard and even suffer from hunger.  The male idol once said to Taeyang, “Youngbae, I’m so hungry …” Perhaps this is a sentence that is enough to describe BIGBANG’s situation when they were trainees.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

Later, when he became popular, G-Dragon faced a series of controversies and criticism from the public.  He said, “G-Dragon? He’s just an ordinary human being, just as ordinary as everyone else” or “I can bear it all, except the saying go die, how should I be?  I can’t stand it. I can’t because I also have a heart “.  V.I.P can not hold back tears after listening to him.


In the 3rd generation, BLACKPINK is the girl group with the most attention.  For that same reason, they suffered even more.  Reviewing the sharings of each member, BLINKs just want to love and protect them more.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

Rosé once said: “For those of you who don’t know, my name is Rosé” and “Did you forget that I am Rosé?”.  Despite being the main vocalist of BLACKPINK, Rosé probably used to not well-known or netizens often complained that her name was difficult to write.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

Jisoo is a cheerful person but has a deep inner heart.  Jisoo shares: “This world is not fair!”  as an affirmation of the harshness of showbiz.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

“I don’t cry in front of other people but I have tears too” and “I’m Jisoo, I’m fine” seemed to reassure fans but it turned out to make BLINK more worried about Jisoo.

Many times being attacked by anti-fans, suffering a lot, Jisoo does not want to be an idol in the next life.  “If I were born again, I want to be dust,” she said.

Jennie – the main rapper of BLACKPINK must be the girl with the most anti-fans in the group.  But Jennie once confided: “I love everyone, including those who hate me”.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

Under a lot of pressure, this girl made fans sad when sharing: “I want to throw all my phone into the deep sea and then disappear so that people will not know my presence”.

BLACKPINK really doesn’t have too many schedules.  Lisa once exposed the fact that she was quite free after concerts.  “After concerts, I have nothing to do” – the maknae confessed.  Fans were heartbroken because they thought that Lisa was not invested by YG.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most


October 14, 2019, Sulli officially passed away at her home.  Former member of f(x) chooses the most pitiful way to leave all the harshness of life and the flashy Kbiz world.  At this point, netizens noticed a sentence of hers.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

Sulli confided: “I told them, I was exhausted, but no one was listening to me.”  At the time when she was stuck, most helpless, the former idol received no attention from anyone.  What she received was only criticism, sarcasm from Knets.


Today (April 8) is Jonghyun’s birthday.  Thinking about former SHINee members, fans are still heartbroken like when he first left.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

Before deciding to leave this world, Jonghyun left a letter about his struggle in the world of a celebrity.  “I was very miserable. Famous life has never made sense to me” – the words contain all the trauma that has long been attached to the male idol.

Goo Hara

Like Jonghyun and Sulli, Goo Hara chooses to leave this world to no longer suffer from Kbiz.  The former KARA member’s sayings made fans broken heart when they know how much she had endured.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

Goo Hara shared, “I have to pretend to be happy while I’m tired. Pretend nothing happened while I’m in pain. After living with all that oppression, my heart broke into a hundred pieces “.

Sayings that hurt Kpop fans the most

Kbiz always wears a flashy appearance, but it is not really beautiful.  After a stage, a concert, and a program, when idols retreat backstage, they also face each dark part of their hearts.  They may only be healed when they see the fans who still love and support them.

Source: Yan news

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