Saying goodbye to “Eve”, Seo Ye-ji has not said anything to explain her unsolved issues

The public is still waiting for Seo Ye-ji to step forward and explain her past controversies. 

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Eve”, starring actress Seo Ye-ji, eventually failed to exceed 5% rating. Meanwhile, ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” reached a new rating peak of 13%, “Eve” ended at around 4%.

Seo Ye-ji, who was embroiled in various private life controversies, chose “Eve” as her comeback work. This drama focused on the actors’ body exposure rather than its story with high-level bed scenes and suggestive lines. The production team used a provocative development but it was not enough to captivate the viewers’ hearts. In the drama, Seo Ye-ji played Lee Ra-el, the woman who designed a careful revenge plan after the shocking death of her father. She aimed to bring down LY Group’s CEO Kang Yoon-gyeom (Park Byung-eun), one of the main culprits who caused her father’s death. 

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Starting with the scandal over Seo Ye-ji gaslighting fellow actor Kim Jung-hyun that arose last year, the actress also suffered from controversies over school bullying, academic forgery, and power abuse. Seo Ye-ji admitted to her romantic relationship in the past but denied the suspicion of her manipulating Kim Jung-hyun. 

The school bullying and forgery of educational background controversies also exploded one after another. This time, Seo Ye-ji just disappeared without giving any explanation.


She even got involved in a problem related to her family. It was belatedly known that Seo Ye-ji, who announced her return through “Eve”, had a conflict with the neighbors living near her parents’ house over parking last year. In this case, Seo Ye-ji posted an official apology.

Although she made her bold return with “Eve”, her communication with the public is still nowhere to be seen. The press conference for “Eve” was not held due to the tight filming schedule so Seo Ye-ji’s first official appearance in the public was delayed for the first time. Seo Ye-ji also kept a distance from the lead actors of “Eve”. Actors Park Byung-eun, Yoo Seon, and Lee Sang-yeop recently gathered at a drinking party and Seo Ye-ji didn’t join them. Personal schedule and drama filmings were cited as the reasons but it seems like Seo Ye-ji is reluctant to appear in public or disclose her private life.


Seo Ye-ji has taken careful steps by focusing on acting in order not to receive negative reviews. Her impressive dark eye makeup, 19+ scenes, and tango dancing was not compensated by the ratings. Even “Eve,” which was held out as the last reversal card, turned its back on Seo Ye-ji. 

In fact, there is a reason that could explain the cause of the decline in the drama viewer ratings. Until now, Seo Ye-ji has been hiding behind the work called “Eve” and showing no news about her private life issues. Now that “Eve” is over, it’s time for her to say something. Seo Ye-ji are surrounded by too many controversies that she could not hide from the public attention. Contrary to her wishes, the public will not be silenced. Wouldn’t it be better if she has sincere communication and turn it into an opportunity to regain her glory of the past?

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Source: Naver

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