Seo Ye-Ji’s agency released official statement about the accusations against her father pushing a neighbor due to parking conflict

Actress Seo Ye-ji expressed her opinion on a report that her father had a conflict with her neighbor over parking spots.

On March 3, SBS Entertainment News quoted netizen A who said that Seo Ye-ji and her family had a conflict with their neighbors over parking issues in May last year.

A claimed that Seo Ye-ji‘s parents set up a dog fence on the public stairs, causing conflicts with their neighbors, and that Seo Ye-ji‘s father once pushed her in the process. A also revealed that Seo Ye-ji’s neighbors have been suffering for four years because of her parking randomly in other people’s spots.

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According to reports, Seo Ye-ji, with her agency’s lawyer, has apologized to A. However, A is suspicious of her sincerity as Seo Ye-ji asked, ‘You’re not posting anything, are you?'”

In this regard, an official from Seo Ye-ji‘s agency Gold Medalist emphasized, “It happened in May last year,” adding, “Seo Ye-ji’s parents were living in a small villa. The parking space is small, so there was a conflict between the father and the neighbor.”

He added, “It is possible that each has their own perspective on this issue. Seo Ye-ji’s father apologized to his neighbor because he thought he was at fault. Since then, conflict has continued and they (Seo Ye-ji’s family) eventually moved.”

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Meanwhile, Seo Ye-ji suspended her activities in April last year after being embroiled in controversy over gaslighting her ex-boyfriend, school violence, and forgery of her academic background.

Currently, Seo Ye-ji is about to return with tvN’s new drama “Eve.” In response, Seo Ye-ji officially apologized for various controversies after about a year in hiatus through her agency last month. However, her apology is drawing great criticism for its “lateness” ahead of her return.


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