A 4th gen female idol whose doll-like visuals make her stand out even next to IVE’s Wonyoung 

Netizens say she looks like Barbie!

Among Kpop 4th generation’s top visuals, the most mentioned female idols are aespa’s Karina, IVE’s Jang Wonyoung, ITZY’s Yuna… But there is another 4th gen girl group member whose visuals are also popular among Korean fans. That is J of STAYC. Recently, when J stood in the same frame with Wonyoung, netizens had the opportunity to admire her radiant beauty. 

STAYC – Music Bank 2/25/2022

On Music Bank on February 25, STAYC promoted their comeback song “RUN2U” and had an interview with MC Wonyoung and Sunghoon. The moment J stood next to Wonyoung created a stir on social media. Netizens were wowed by the pretty face combination of J and Wonyoung.

stayc j, wongyoung
J stands out when she’s in the same frame as Jang Wonyoung
stayc j, wongyoung
J is said to look as pretty as a doll

STAYC debuted in November 2020, is one of the most loved 4th gen girl groups. STAYC may not be as famous as 4th gen female idols from Big3 agencies, but the group’s distinctive concept and musicality still helps them attract much attention. Among STAYC members, J stands out thanks to her pure and doll-like visuals. In the promotion of RUN2U, J continues to leave a good impression on netizens with how pretty she looks in her trademark bob haircut. 

stayc j
stayc j
J is one of STAYC’s outstanding visuals
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