K-netizens discuss the representative visuals of Kpop’s 4th generation girl groups

aespa’s Karina, ITZY’s Ryujin or STAYC’s Seeun are the Top 3 picks of Korean netizens when it comes to the representative visuals among 4th generation’s female idols. 

Recently, Kpop rookie groups have attracted much attention from the public. The 4th generation’s girl groups make waves not only thanks to their catchy songs, but also their outstanding appearance. Recently, Korean netizens have had many discussion topics to pick out the female idols who should be called the representative visuals of this generation. aespa’s Karina, ITZY’s Ryujin or STAYC’s Seeun are the 3 most mentioned names.


Since the early days of her debut, Karina has been the most noticed member in aespa. She is praised for her AI-like, surreal visuals. With a V-line face, high nose bridge and big round eyes, the female idol has become a new representative visual of the 4th generation’s female idols. Many fans even think that Karina has broken the familiar standards of SM’s visuals

Idol representative visuals
Karina has a distinctive facial structure. 

However, to many netizens, although Karina‘s beauty is unique, she looks somewhat cold and unapproachable. Some argue that in aespa, Winter’s face gives off more sympathetic vibes. In general, Winter also has the same harmonious facial features as Karina. However, Winter’s visuals feel softer, more refreshing and friendly. Therefore, her appearance often makes viewers feel more comfortable.

Idol representative visuals
Winter’s face is considered to have softer and more friendly vibes 


As one of the most viral Kpop rookies, ITZY also consists of many outstanding visual members. In the JYP’s group, Ryujin and Yuna are considered the two most prominent in terms of appearance. Some netizens think that Yuna is ITZY’s representative visual. She has impressed the public since her debut era with a small oval face, high nose bridge, round eyes and plump lips. Her gorgeous face helps Yuna earn the title “new generation’s goddess” at the age of 18.

Idol representative visuals
Yuna shows off her beauty

Ryujin is also voted by many fans as the 4th generation representative visual. Different from Yuna’s feminine look, ITZY‘s center shines the most in the girl crush concept.  The female idol has sharp facial features, especially the big, round and deep eyes. Therefore, every time she performs on stage, Ryujin always gives off a uniquely charming and attractive aura.

Ryujin is known for her top-notch stage presence 


In STAYC, netizens can’t pick out the prettiest member among the visual trio Seeun, Yoon and J. All 3 members have outstanding appearances. In particular, Seeun has a refreshing look with a bright smile. Many fans even said she looks similar to some famous seniors whose visuals give off the same vibes like TWICE’s Nayeon or Red Velvet’s Joy. But recently, Seeun has faced criticism for showing signs of weight gain, which is claimed by some netizens to affect her appearance.

Idol representative visuals
Seeun has a soft and feminine look.  

Meanwhile, STAYC’s maknae J has gained much attention since debut thanks to her pure, youthful and pretty appearance like a webtoon character. The 2004-born idol easily attracts fans thanks to her lovable visuals. J is also expected to be listed among the top visuals in the idol industry in the future.

Idol representative visuals
The sweet beauty of STAYC’s youngest member 

Many fans are often fascinated by Yoon’s visuals as well. She looks good in all different kinds of hairstyles, even weird ones. In particular, when she has bangs, she captures the hearts of many fans because of her doll-like appearance. Some netizens even said Yoon looked like her senior – BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Yoon’s doll-like beauty

Korean netizens still find it difficult to pick out a representative visual among the 4th generation’s K-pop female idols because each girl looks pretty in their own way.

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