Jisoo and her 4 times attending Dior events

When she didn’t have the title, Jisoo was this beautiful.

Since the relationship between Jisoo and Dior began, she has appeared 4 times at events of this French brand. Among these times, when is the time when Jisoo appeared the most impressive? Please scroll down and read on for the answer!


Her outfit for the Dior Fall/Winter 2022 show is currently causing controversies. Many opinions say that this outfit is not worthy of a world-class fashion event, nor does it effectively exploit Jisoo‘s aura. Whether it’s beautiful or ugly can depend on each person’s taste, but it is hard to deny that this outfit has lowered Jisoo’s beauty quite a bit. The stiff collar of the shirt makes Jisoo‘s neck lose her elegance, the skirt is spacious but has a checkered pattern, the checkered pattern also makes her belly look bigger. In general, the outfit must have not reached many people’s expectations.


At the end of last year, Jisoo caused a stir in Paris even though it was the first time she set foot in the city. After all, Jisoo has a choice that is no different from her usual image, even somewhat less outstanding. An A-line camisole dress, with embroidered print on the front, combined with a mini size Lady Dior bag and open-toed sandals. In return, the makeup really carries the outfits, showing off her sharp face features.


Because of the pandemic, Jisoo could not attend Dior’s Cruise 2022 show, so she could only watch it online in Korea. However, she still occupies quite a bit of the spotlight thanks to her top-notch visuals. Jisoo changed two outfits for the event. The first is a black camisole combined with an elegant short-sleeved white shirt. Then there is the main outfit, which Dior posted on its official social media accounts. She wears a white two-piece dress with pure white accessories.


In August 2019, Dior opened a pop-up store in Korea. Jisoo, at this time, has no title with the brand, only attending as a guest. However, when Jisoo walked in a floating strapless dress with a graceful stroke of her hair, many eyes and cameras were placed on the beauty. Although 3 years have passed, her position with Dior has been constantly strengthened, up to now, this is still Jisoo‘s best outfit, perfect from head to toe.

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