Rosé (BLACKPINK) confessed that she used to be a terrible singer, couldn’t sleep while living away from home

Recently, the producer of the US Zach Sang Show uploaded a deleted footage when BLACKPINK participated in the show in April 2019.

In the show, main vocal Rosé shared her emotional story while recalling the days when she decided to become a YG trainee

The female idol said, “I used to think I could sing like Beyonce but I couldn’t hit the notes. Cause I was a terrible singer but I still do that. I recall. And I think my dad was like: ‘Okay I think she wants to do music.’ and he asked me: ‘Do you want to audition?’, I was like ‘Yeah okay’ and flew from Australia to Korea. My parents had a fight about it, my mom was worried. But in the end, the family decided to support my decision.

Rosé talked about her time away from home and became a YG trainee, causing her to face a lot of pressure and the members are the biggest source of comfort for her: “I can’t fly all the way home. I have to stay and make this work. It was really difficult to be honest, being away from family and I was so young I couldn’t sleep because I had never slept outside of my house for more than 2 weeks at that age. But I kept telling myself that I can’t leave Korea without making this work.

In addition, when asked about the memorable moment of her career, Rosé said that the Coachella concert in the US with more than 250,000 audience, that the group was invited to perform, was the best experience of her life. The singer born in 1997 shared that she and the members did not believe that everyone recognized the group, so the members were shocked to see the audience.

Below the video, many fans got emotional at Rosé’s extraordinary strength, overcoming difficulties to prove that she is worthy of being a member of BLACKPINK and loved by many people.

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