Rocket Girls member revealed a recording of her boss insulting and telling employees to body-shame her

Yami – a member of Rocket Girls caused a stir with the recording she has recorded during a meeting.

The hottest scandal in Cbiz today is Yamy – a member of Rocket Girls debuting from the Chinese “Produce 101” program – releasing a recorded audio file at a company meeting in April. In the recording, Yamy’s former boss mocked her appearance in front of all employees. Not only that, her boss also told other employees to insult and body-shaming this female idol.

On Weibo, Yamy wrote a long letter, saying that ever since her debut from “Produce 101”, she has always been criticized for her appearance with words like “ugly”, “old”. However, the singer always tries to prove her talent with her music.

However, her belief completely collapsed when Xu Mingchao, the boss of her management company and also the person she trusted the most, publicly criticized Yamy as “ugly” and “worthless”, and forced other employees to agree with his opinions about Yamy’s appearance.

In the recording, the voice of a man, who’s supposed to be Xu Mingchao, kept repeating in a loud volume: “Do you think Yamy is ugly or not? She’s too ugly, it’s true, I can’t praise her on anything, she’s extremely ugly, too ugly.” “Don’t you realize it?”, “If I said Yamy is more beautiful than you, you will surely be upset. You can’t stand this, right?”. In addition to Xu’s voice, there were laughters of other staff at the meeting.

Xu also loudly criticized Yamy as a bad singer, just a back dancer without any fashion sense.

Yamy added that she ended her contract with the company, emphasizing that although the money she earned was nothing compared to her boss, that did not mean Yamy’s work was worthless, and even if her appearance does not match Xu’s taste, that does not mean he can insult her. Finally, Yamy wrote that from now on she would work independently and be responsible for herself.

In just 2 hours, Yamy’s post attracted more than 500,000 likes, 65,000 comments and nearly 60,000 shares. Many netizens are angry with what Yamy had to go through: “This is workplace violence”, “Poor Yamy, she was harshly insulted”, “I can’t stand this, why does he keep body-shaming Yamy?”, “The staff are also disgusting”, “I support Yamy wholeheartedly, stand up for yourself”,…

Currently, Yamy’s former company has not commented on this scandal.

Sources: k14

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