RIIZE Criticized for Outrageous Ticket Price of Upcoming Fan-con

Korean netizens can’t help but find the prices for RIIZE’s upcoming fan-con to be “ridiculous”, especially considering the event’s duration. 

On March 8, a topic titled “RIIZE’s fan-con is said to be expensive” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”. 

According to this topic, ticket prices for RIIZE’s fan-con “RIZING DAY” in Seoul start at 121,000 Korean won (approx 90 USD), and VIP seats can reach 154,000 Korean won (approx 116 USD). 

Notably, the author of the topic pointed out that RIIZE doesn’t have many songs, and the “fan-con” won’t have a duration as long as a concert, as it is basically a fan-meeting. 

Under the comment section, many netizens also express frustration, calling SM greedy and complaining about the fact that RIIZE barely has enough songs to make a fan-con that expensive last long. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • 154,000 won for 100 minutes is unacceptable
  • This is priced as if it’s a concert… but fan-con isn’t as long and the artists won’t perform many songs… So why is it also expensive
  • SM, where is your conscience, what is this ridiculous price 
  • RIIZE only has a handful of songs, so why is it so expensive 
  • Why are they selling sound-check tickets when there are barely any songs to check…

Source: theqoo

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