Red Velvet released cool teaser shots, but the conspiracy theory is a real surprise to fans

Fan shuddered as they realized the incredible connection between the new teaser and previous Red Velvet hits’

Red Velvet surprised their fans by releasing a teaser for their third comeback in 2018. The SM girl group also announced the release date and track listing of their fifth mini album, “RBB (Really Bad Boy) “. Accordingly, the album will be released on November 30th, featuring 6 songs: “RBB (Really Bad Boy)”, “Butterflies”, “So Good”, “Sassy Me”, “Taste”, “RBB (Really Bad Boy) “(English version).

While the first teaser hit the fans because of the comeback of the cool look from “Bad Boy”, the relevance of the song to the previous series of the song made the fans shiver. The conspiracy theory started from the teaser of “Rookie” released in 2017.

In the “Rookie” teaser, the girls sparked the curiosity of the fans with the invitation to find them. (Find me)
Then, the five idol girls are joining a mysterious search in the teaser “Red Summer”
“Peek-a-Boo!” You found us. “
But you turned out to be a bad boy! “(Bad Boy teaser)
The “Power Up” teaser goes on with “Let’s become stronger.”
And then, you became a real bad boy! “

Let’s countdown to the 5th comeback of the Red Velvet girls to decipher this interesting mystery!

Source: K14

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