Female idols with an overwhelming number of debuts: Seulgi “continues” the SM tradition, HyunA might be debuting for another time? 

The sheer number of debuts and activities can easily shock fans. 

Seulgi – 6 times

Seulgi impressed the audience with her beauty and outstanding talent and took part in 6 debuts. In 2014, Seulgi first appeared as a member of Red Velvet.

Red Velvet teaser
Seulgi made her public debut for the first time as a member of Red Velvet. (Image: SM Entertainment)

In 2021, the main dancer had her second debut with the cross-generational group GOT (‘Girls On Top’). Most recently, in October 2022, Seulgi made the highly anticipated solo debut with her first album “28 Reasons”.

got the beat thumbnail
She debuted for the second time, as a member of GOT. (Image: Instagram @girlsontop)

In 2022, Seulgi took a bold step forward as a solo artist and allowed her career to thrive. (Image: allkpop)

When she released her solo album “28 Reasons”, Seulgi also officially debuted as a musician. She wrote the lyrics for the b-side track “Dead Man Runnin’” herself.

Seulgi thumbnail
She made her 4th debut as a lyricist, writing lyrics for her own songs. (Image: SM Entertainment)

At the same time, Seulgi also cooperated with jewelry brand FRED and launched the Seulggomi sticker sets on KakaoTalk and introduced another aspect of herself as a graphic designer.

On her birthday, Seulgi released the picture book “The Poster Book” drawn by her. Thanks to that, Seulgi made her 6th debut as an artist.

red velvet seulgi desginer
Seulgi debuted for the 5th time as a graphic designer. (Image: Koreaboo)
Seulgi is considered as one of the multi-talented female artists. (Image: Instagram @ hi_sseulgi)

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) – 8 times

In 15 years of artistic activities, Taeyeon has had a total of 8 debuts. In 2007, she first debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation.

Taeyeon first debuted with Girls’ Generation in 2007. (Image: SM Entertainment)

With the booming success of Girls’ Generation, SM expanded their operating location, for the girls to debut again in the Japanese market. Two years later, Taeyeon continued to debut in the subgroup “TaeTiSeo” and caused a “fever” with a series of hits no less successful than those of Girls’ Generation.

snsd tts
Taeyeon in the “TaeTiSeo” subgroup. (Image: SM Entertainment)

In 2014, Taeyeon had her 4th debut in the “SM the Ballad” project group where she collaborated with Jonghyun (SHINee) to make the hit “Breath.”

In 2015, Taeyeon took the leap to become the first solo artist in Girls’ Generation. Thanks to her astounding vocal abilities, Taeyeon’s first mini-album “I” achieved many accomplishments.

Taeyeon perfect artist
“I” marked another milestone in her career. (Image: SM Entertainment)

In mid-2018, Taeyeon made her 6th debut as a solo artist in Japan with the song “Stay”. Although she did not promote the work widely, the soloist still managed to achieve success in Japan. In September that year, Taeyeon made another debut with the subunit called Girls’ Generation – Oh!GG and released her debut song “Lil’ Touch.”

snsd taeyeon instagram
Taeyeon appeared in multiple subunits of Girls’ Generation. (Image: SM Entertainment)

In 2021, Taeyeon made her 8th debut in the GOT, along with Seulgi and other SM female idols in a 7-member formation. 

GOT the beat
Taeyeon is another member in GOT. (Image: SM Entertainment)

Hyoyeon – 7 times

No less than fellow member in Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon also has 7 debuts in her career, with the first time in Girls’ Generation in 2007.

snsd hyoyeon instagram
Hyoyeon debuted in Girls’ Generation in 2007. (Image: Pinterest)

In 2010, she debuted with Girls’ Generation for the second time in the Japanese music market and in Younique, SM’s dance group, two years later.  

Younique Unit
Hyoyeon appeared in Younique Unit. (Image: Pinterest)

In 2017, Hyoyeon debuted as a solo idol and became a DJ one year later, took on the name “DJ HYO” and pursued her passion. 

Hyoyeon has a passion for DJ-ing. (Image: Pinterest)

In 2018, Hyoyeon debuted for the 6th time in Girls’ Generation’s new subunit called Oh!GG. In 2021, she also officially joined the project group GOT and marked her 7th debut. 

HyunA – 8 times

Currently, HyunA is mostly known for her solo career. However, before her current popularity, HyunA was in Wonder Girls but left due to health reasons.

Wonder Girls
HyunA used to be a member of Wonder Girls. (Image: Pinterest)

1 year later, HyunA joined CUBE Entertainment and debuted in 4Minute and the project group 4Tomorrow.

4minute thumbnail
After that, she joined CUBE Entertainment and debuted with 4Minute. (Image: Pinterest)

During her artistic activities, HyunA built her personal brand and debuted for the 4th time as a soloist. 

In 2011, the female idol continued to appear in a duo with Hyunseung (former BEAST member) called Trouble Maker and caused a stir with hit songs. 

Trouble Maker
HyunA’s solo debut created many outstanding successes. (Image: Pinterest)

After 1 year, HyunA continued to debut in the group Dazzling Red. In 2018, the female idol made her 7th debut with Triple H along with two members from Pentagon. However, the dating controversy had her leave CUBE and join P-Nation Entertainment. At the beginning of 2022, she left P-Nation. 

hyuna pentagon
HyunA debuted with two members of Pentagon. (Image: allkpop)

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