A Korean actor who makes Netflix suddenly express affection for him on Twitter

Netflix showed special interest in actor Gong Yoo. The photos of Gong Yoo posted on Netflix’s Twitter account a few days ago suddenly drew keen attention.

Netflix introduced photos of actor Gong Yoo on their official Twitter account on January 7th (local time).

Gong Yoo recently appeared in the sci-fi drama “The Silent Sea”, which was released on Netflix. Last year, he also attracted attention after playing a cameo role of the “slap-match” man in “Squid Game”. In fact, “Squid Game” is also a Netflix original drama. It seems like he has made his name be widely known to fans around the world via Netflix.

Netflix’s Twitter account

Nevertheless, the fact that Netflix posted Gong Yoo’s photos on their main account on Twitter but not anywhere else is so unusual, proving that they are treating Gong Yoo as a world-class star. In addition, this Twitter account of Netflix has about 15 million followers.

Netflix’s Twitter account

The way Netflix introduced Gong Yoo’s photos also surprised many people. In their caption, Netflix wrote, “Blessing the timeline with these pics of Gong Yoo”. It seems like Netflix wanted their followers to be blessed by looking at these pictures of the handsome actor Gong Yoo.

Netflix’s Twitter account

This post has gathered 4296 retweets so far as of January 13th. Moreover, 32000 Twitter accounts have pressed the “like” button for this post about Gong Yoo. In response, Korean netizens commented, saying “Netflix must have known something”, “He’s my man only”, “Foreigners, please get in line”.

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