Recent Tiktok video by “Typa Girl” composer Bekuh Boom raised suspicion of a ‘shade’ towards BLACKPINK 

Fans are confronting the American singer to get to the bottom of the matter. 

“Typa Girl”, BLACKPINK’s b-side in their second full-length album “BORN PINK”, soon took full attention for an addictive Hip Hop verses and a powerful feminist message. On a regional Billboard chart, the song was quickly on its way to the Top 3 in its first week of release and maintained its place for many weeks. Currently, the song is  securing the 38th place as of November 10th. The song was composed by Bekuh Boom, an American singer and songwriter who has worked with BLACKPINK back in their trainee days and co-wrote the group’s first works such as “Whistle”, “Boombayah” to their more recent release “Ready For Love”. 

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However, Bekuh Boom’s recent activities confused fans whether it was a “shade” against the group. In October, the composer uploaded a Tiktok video performing a segment from “Typa Girl” in her own version along with an introductory remark: “I wrote ‘Typa Girl’ for BLACKPINK… and then I wrote another verse for myself”. According to fans’ interpretation, the lyrics were directed towards Jennie – an active ambassador to Chanel, with the lyric: “Dolla signs on my bag not COCO”, the word “COCO” was said to refer to Coco Chanel – the famous designer of the House of Chanel. 

The video is said to be directed to BLACKPINK by Bekuh Boom. 

Moreover, specific and direct lyrics (“I’m who they call when these b*tches need help”, “Type to get your *ss deleted”) strengthened fans’ stance as the composer was the one behind some of BLACKPINK’s biggest hits. Fans also discovered that Bekuh Boom unfollowed Jennie and Rosé on Instagram. 


At present, the video has reached 8 thousand views on Tiktok with the comment section flooded by questions and responses from BLINKs. In another situation, BLACKPINK is still on their world tour “BORN PINK” to 7 European countries for 10 concerts in the last two months of this year. After wrapping up their North American tour, the group is holding 14 tours at 9 cities in Asia from January to May, 2023. 

Source: Billboard VN

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