Kai (EXO) favors heavy make-up and ladieswear

In everyday life, the main dancer of EXO likes unisex outfit and heavy make-up, which is totally different from his familiar image on stage. 

Kai is known as the “dancing machine” of EXO. His performances on stage always steal the spotlight. Besides his dancing talent, the EXO member is also named among the list of celebrities who “like taking shirts off” to show off perfect and sexy figure on stage. 

However, in contrast to his fierce look on stage, in everyday life, Kai is known for his diverse fashion style. 

Kai (EXO) favors heavy make-up and ladieswear

Recently, the 1.8m tall singer has been pursuing unisex style. In many street style shootings, this Korean idol always attracts cameras with his colorful and eye-catching outfits. 

Taking advantage of his height and appearance praised as “pretty” by fangirls, Kai is not afraid to try crop-top mixed with feminine overall, which is loved by many fans. However, for some people, this kind of outfit is weird. 

Like other Korean idols, EXO’s main dancer often wears make-up whenever he appears in front of his audiences.  Korean netizens show interest in Kai’s fashion taste, but sometimes they find it difficult to understand his choice of certain outfits.

A few months ago, Kai posted on his personal page a behind-the-scenes picture from a Gucci’s photoshoot. The photo of Kai wearing bold make-up, putting on a tank top and half-on-half-off jacket drew attention. In the comment section, many people said that the twenty-six singer looked fragile and gentle like a muse. 

With the out-of-this-world fashion style and worldwide reputation, EXO member was chosen as the global ambassador for Gucci. He is the first Korean to earn this position. During the campaign to promote Gucci spring summer 2020 collection, Kai continued to surprise fans by wearing feminine lace gloves to take photos.

Earlier this year, Kai was voted one of the best dressed male stars by British GQ magazine. EXO member’s unisex style helps him successfully build a gender-neutral image. 

British GQ Magazine also said that Kai’s style is unique, bold, on-trend and brings a new and inspiring look to the fashion world.

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