Reasons to fall in love with the real life barbie Rosé of BLACKPINK

Rosé drew attention with her amazing body by releasing a photo of her recent status on her SNS on October 21st.

Singer Rosé, who debuted in 2016 as the main vocalist of the girl group BLACKPINK, received a lot of attention and love for her outstanding singing ability and unique voice. In March, she made a comeback with a single album and swept the top spot on various charts, being listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the “first artist to top the Billboard Global chart both as a solo artist and a group act.”


Rosé, known for her “24-inch” ant waist, has been steadily managing her physical strength through various exercises. In September, the female idol created a hot topic by posting a photo of herself in a dress revealing her incredible leg lines.


Rosé, who has usually shown her thorough self-management such as doing pilates on entertainment shows, revealed her unexpected daily life, saying, “I eat tteokbokki without worrying about dieting.”


“I don’t worry about gaining weight when I eat tteokbokki,” she said, adding, “I like tteokbokki, but I don’t eat spicy food well. So, I take some seasoning out of the cup.” She also explained, “Cause if you wash it in water, the taste will be gone.”


Meanwhile, Rosé is showing off her extraordinary presence in the global music market, with her solo song “Gone” released in March recently surpassing 100 million streams on Spotify.


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