Jeong Seok Won ♥ Baek Ji Young… A lovely couple who overcame unsavory scandals and embraced each other 

Famous singer Baek Ji Young showed her charms and understanding as she openly embraced her husband, Jeong Seok Won. 

In the August 29th broadcast of SBS program “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny”, Lee Ji Hye, Moon Jae Wan, Baek Ji Young, and Kim Sook gathered at the new house of Lee Ji Hye and Moon Jae Wan. 

On this day, Kim Sook asked the cast, “What did you see the most when you were in a relationship?” To this, Lee Ji Hye responded, “I think I’ve seen a lot of real personalities, and a lot of facets.” 

jeong seok won baek ji young

“I have seen people who are friends but then collide and fight because of one man, they just overlap too much,” she added. “However, people who have different personalities never overlap and get along well.”

Then, Moon Jae Won asked what if a man has both a good face and personality, to which Lee Ji Hye jokingly said, “That kind of man doesn’t like us”. Meanwhile, Baek Ji Young said, “No, I met a man like that and got married.”

Still, the singer also added that it’s important that a couple have a matching humor code, and can enjoy each other’s company.

jeong seok won baek ji young

Baek Ji Young didn’t have a single word of complaint about her husband, and instead always stepped up to support him, who was once embroiled in a scandal. She fully embraced her role as her husband’s wife and as the mother of their child.

Baek Ji Young’s husband, Jeong Seok Won used drugs in the bathroom of a club in Melbourne, Australia. This news broke out and made headlines the day before Baek Ji Young’s concert, sending everything into chaos. 

jeong seok won baek ji young

At that time, Baek Ji Young had a hard time at the concert, as she tried to avoid harming the staff and her fans. During a performance, the singer said: “Today alone feels like a decade. My husband made a big mistake. As his wife and partner, I  will reflect on it together with him.” 

She also added: “When I married Jeong Seok Won, I made a pledge that I’m going to stay by my husband’s side as his wife through hardships, happiness, and sadness”. 

It is known that both Baek Ji Young and her audience shed tears.

More than four years have passed, but Jeong Seok Won is still struggling. It is the responsibility of his wife, Baek Ji Young, to warmly embrace Jeong Seok Won. Baek Ji Young quietly covers up her husband’s mistakes and shortcomings, and receives support from fans for her comeback as an actress. It is hoped that Jeong Seok Won will always remain by Baek Ji Young’s side with an apologetic heart, both as her husband and as a public figure.

Source: naver

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