“Queenmaker” ‘scene-stealer’ actress surprises netizens with her academic background

The past of this actress, who appeared in Netflix’s original series “Queenmaker”, is drawing keen attention.

“Queenmaker” tells the story of Hwang Do Hee (Kim Hee Ae), who controls the strategic planning office of a conglomerate, struggling to make Oh Kyung Sook (Moon So Ri), a human rights lawyer, become the mayor of Seoul. The full drama with 11 episodes was released on April 14th.

Actress Kim Hee Ae and actress Moon So Ri worked together for the first time through this project. In addition to the two actresses, many outstanding actors, such as Ryu Soo Young, Seo Yi Sook, Kim Sae Byeok, Lee Kyung Young, and Jin Kyung, also appeared in the series.


Among the cast, actress Ok Ja Yeon (34 years old) received favorable reviews for her excellent portrayal of Guk Ji Yeon, a strategic planning office employee who has a secret relationship with Baek Jae Min (Ryu Soo Young), the son-in-law of Eun Sung Group’s Chairman Son Yeong Shim (Seo Yi Sook) and a Seoul mayor candidate.


Ok Ja Yeon has a unique background. She graduated from the Department of Aesthetics at Seoul National University. After graduating, she headed to Daehak-ro to pursue her dream of becoming an actor and made her debut in the play “Guest” in 2012. Starting with the 2016 movie “The Age of Shadows”, she expanded her movie activities by starring in “Burning”, “The Great Battle”, “Miss & Mrs. Cops”, “Ashfall”, etc.

In 2020, Ok Ja Yeon gained recognition after playing the murderer Baek Hyang Hee in OCN’s series “The Uncanny Counter”. Since then, she continued to appear on the small screen through “Mine”, “Big Mouse”, “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, etc.

What’s surprising is that Ok Ja Yeon’s original dream was not to become an actor. She only discovered her acting passion after watching the play “Snow in March” while studying at Seoul National University. Regarding the reason she decided to change her career path, the actress confessed, “I found out that if I immerse myself in acting, I could forget everything in front of me at once”.

Many drama fans are looking forward to seeing more diverse acting transformations that Ok Ja Yeon will show in her future projects.

Source: Wikitree

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