Psy tipped a restaurant for home-cooked meals in an alley 40,000 won… Heo Young-man was surprised, “He’s so generous”

The restaurant selling home-cooked meals in a small alley that was tipped 400,00 won by Psy was introduced.

In the 155th episode of TV Chosun’s “Heo Young-man’s Food Travel”, which aired on June 3rd,  actress Seo Young-hee joined the food tour to Chungmu-ro.

On this day, Heo Young-man and Seo Young-hee visited a restaurant located in an alley in Sallim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, and found a picture of Psy hanging in the restaurant.


The restaurant’s owner said, “He came and enjoyed lots of delicious food”, adding, “He ate about 600,000 won but tipped us 400,000 won then left.”

Heo Young-man was surprised, “So, he really paid 1 million won? Psy is so generous”. The story of the gourmet Psy raised high expectations for the quality and taste of the food.


This restaurant in an alley was opened 2 years ago. It’s been on a roll as it sold rice worth 7,000 won even in the Covid-19 situation.

The owner explained, “My husband and son work at a factory nearby. I didn’t intend to open a restaurant. Our relatives tried our food and said they were delicious. The rumor spread from this person to another one then we eventually opened a restaurant.”


Seo Young-hee, who later tasted blue crab, exclaimed, “Today’s meal seems to have ended with this one bite”. Heo Young-man also added, “It’s so delicious. I don’t often compliment food when it’s only pretty good, but I think I feel more lively with this fresh marinated crab.”


Source: Nate

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