“I didn’t know this drama is airing”… An ongoing weekend drama is facing a serious situation

KBS2’s weekend dramas, which have always exceeded 20% in viewer ratings, are facing a critical situation as its newest work failed to overcome the 20% barrier.

On October 17th, Ten Asia reported that the viewer rating of KBS2’s ongoing weekend series “Three Bold Siblings” was below 20%, which is a poor performance compared to the highest ratings of KBS weekend dramas.

Three Bold Siblings

“Three Bold Siblings” is a work centering around the eldest daughter and eldest son. It’s a family series that tells the stories of the eldest daughter played by Lee Ha-na, who has to yield and become more mature for the sake of her family, and the eldest son played by Im Joo-hwan, who has to provide support to his family as a top star, of Korean families meeting and finding happiness.

KBS2 expressed its ambition to erase the old element that was often seen in weekend dramas and tried to tell meaningful stories and messages with “Three Bold Siblings”, however, it is reported that the drama once again failed to surpass 20%, which is an indicator of a successful KBS2 weekend drama.

three bold siblings

In fact, the viewer rating of “Three Bold Siblings” episode 1 was 20.5% but fell to 16.9% in episode 5. In particular, the rating of the 5th episode was even lower than the highest rating of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” produced by ENA, a new cable channel. 

Compared to the most recent weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentleman” on KBS2, which exceeded 30% after only 10 episodes, “Three Bold Siblings” needs to try harder to captivate viewers.


In response to this, Internet users commented, “I didn’t know this drama is airing”, “As they exclude all the specific material of a weekend drama, the story has become more boring”, They did try but the result is not so good”, etc.

Source: Wikitree

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