Professionals talked about Kim Seon-ho’s chance of returning: “As he’s good at acting, both the movie and OTT scenes are positive”

A few days ago, some entertainment professionals talked about the current lack of actors in their 30.

In other words, according to the professionals, there is a shortage of male actors in their 30s with good acting abilities like Lee Byung-hun, Lee Jung-jae, and Jung Woo-sung. When asked who is the most popular actor in his 30s these days, most would choose Kim Seon-ho (35). As Kim Seon-ho‘s popularity soared day by day as the popular drama “Hometown Cha-cha-cha” reached its last episode, these experts predicted the future of Kim Seon-ho which will be more colorful than now.

Kim Seon-ho comeback

However, it didn’t last long. Everything has changed. Kim Seon-ho, who suddenly faced the biggest crisis since his debut, is living in the era of super-speed, where both “Becoming a Fan” and “Leaving a fandom” take place at 5G speed. Will there be a day where he can stand in front of the camera again when he is literally on the verge of being kicked out of the entertainment industry three days after the disclosure article related to his privacy appeared online? If he does make a comeback, where and when will it be possible? The industry professionals have talked about this.

▶ Fatal blow to his “sweet guy” image VS Sympathy since it’s only a lovers’ quarrel

Currently, Kim Seon-ho has been kicked out of KBS2’s entertainment show “Two Days One Night,” and is expected to drop out of many movies ahead of filming. The advertising industry also quickly broke down. More than 10 brands, including beauty brand La Roche-Posay, are scrambling to take down Kim Seon-ho’s photos and videos.

Kim Seon-ho comeback

In fact, he is in the process of exiting the entertainment industry, and his fans are currently arguing for and against the issue. One side says “The image he has shown so far has been pretentious,”, adding weight to the first disclosure. However, the “sympathy for Kim Seon-ho” side argues, “As it’s the private situation between a man and a woman, you don’t know exactly unless you’re one of them,” saying that it is not for a third party to argue.

It is difficult to predict the direction of public opinion, but it is also hard to deny that Kim Seon-ho‘s acting ability has been recognized early in the industry. Therefore, they are still unsure how long it will take for him to make a comeback as an actor, but the industry believes that it will be possible enough. They analyzed that his comeback is likely to be a movie. In other words, it will be easier as movie audiences pay to choose what they watch when dramas are exposed to viewers of all ages regardless of gender or age.

Kim Seon-ho comeback

A mid-sized film producer said, “Even if the movie is cast early next year, it will take almost a year from filming to release,” and predicted, “If he chooses a villain role or a strong genre, opposite of the existing melodramatic image, he will be able to relieve the burden or rejection of the comeback.”

Meanwhile, if he succeeds in making a comeback through the movie scene, naturally, the drama industry might also welcome him back. Of course, he will have to wait a while. Looking at the precedents of celebrities who were previously embroiled in controversy over their private life including drunk driving and gambling, it is easy to see that male actors who were recognized for their acting skills made their comeback relatively quickly.

Kim Seon-ho comeback

The positive part of Kim Seon-ho‘s position is that the OTT content market is growing rapidly. These platforms are for paid membership, so it is relatively easy to use drastic genres or bold actors that cannot be tried in mainstream dramas. In particular, if he appears on overseas streaming services such as Netflix, foreign viewers consume the content without a care about the actor’s pre-story, which means Kim Seon-ho might easily gain back favorable public opinion.


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