“Song Ji-ah is a character created for the Chinese market,” the fake brand controversy seen by a professional

While some of the high-end products worn by model and creator Song Ji-ah on broadcast were identified as fake, a professional says Song may have been designed as a character aimed at China.     


TV Chosun reporter and YouTuber Baek Eun-young quoted an official in the broadcasting industry on Jan 20th and said, “Song Ji-ah may have been designed as a character aimed at China.”

Song Ji-ah may have been designed as a character aimed at China
Song Ji-ah may have been designed as a character aimed at China

Baek Eun-young said in the video that day, “After Song Ji-ah recently admitted that she wore fake items, she is being verified from head to toe. I have asked an official in the broadcasting industry about their thoughts on this controversy,” she said. 

It is said that A, an official, has formed a relationship with Song Ji-ah through a beauty program. They said, “Song Ji-ah has come out as a fixed panel for a beauty program before. So I knew Song Ji-ah’s house was not rich from before. I thought she was a kid who was making money through YouTube and by receiving a lot of sponsorship.”

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Referring to Song Ji-ah‘s “Clothes exchange” content with YouTuber Aori in August last year, this official said, “The clothes Song Ji-ah brought at that time were not luxury goods. At that time, she didn’t wear luxury goods or anything,” she said.

That is why in the meantime, this person thought Song Ji-ah‘s styling was aimed at Chinese viewers. “Song Ji-ah’s target is not Korea. In China, it actually doesn’t matter if she is wearing a fake item or not,” she claimed. She also said wearing fake items would not be a big problem overseas. 

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Song Ji-ah quickly rose to stardom after appearing on Netflix’s entertainment show “Single’s Inferno” last year. The number of subscribers to the YouTube channel FreeZia increased from 580,000 to 1.9 million as of Jan 18th. The number of followers on her SNS, which was 400,000 last month, has also risen to 3.5 million in a month.

However, Song Ji-ah has recently been criticized as some of the products she wore in the broadcast have been identified as fake. In response, she admitted to the suspicion and apologized through her SNS on Jan 17th.

Song Ji-ah said, “There is a controversy over some of the clothes I have worn on SNS and “Single’s Inferno”. The fake items that were pointed out in the controversy is partly true. I’m so sorry,” she said adding, “I have deleted all the contents where the fake items were exposed. I would like to apologize to the brand, brand officials, and subscriber fans who suffered from what I did,” she said.


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