Why do netizens ship Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min Ho?

Many people do not understand why netizens are suddenly crazy about the OTP Lee Min Ho – Song Hye Kyo. 

At first glance, Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min Ho are not related.  They have a gap of up to 6 years, have never acted in the same film.  But recently, the couple has been continuously “shipped” by netizens.  

Today (April 24), a brand announced the latest advertising images of the actor “Immortal King” and immediately made fans of the couple Lee Min Ho – Song Hye Kyo excited. It turns out, in this series of photos, the handsome actor poses with a daisy – a flower that the actress of Descendants of the Sun loves.  The poses of the two actors are also the same.  Just one small detail is enough to make fans crazy.

The two actors have the same pose with daisy
Last year, the actor also took pictures with daisy flowers.
Meanwhile, the actress Descendants of the Sun always shows love for this flower.

But that’s not the only reason.  In the past, the actor revealed that Song Hye Kyo was his idol.  The actor’s dream was to act in the same film with the beautiful, talented senior that he admires.  But until now, that dream has yet to come true.

However, the shipper couple can still be satisfied with the similarities of the two stars in their magazine shoots.  In January, Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo’s magazine photoshoots have quite similar styles.  When placed side by side, everyone has to acknowledge the two actors as their top visuals and it would be great if they combined in a movie.

They are both famous actors in Korea
Fans hope that they will join the a film together

Source: k14

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