Police secured evidence that Seungri ordered prostitutes to his own house

Police have found circumstantial evidence that Seungri allegedly bought sex directly at his home.

The MBN “News 8” reported on May 9th that police have confirmed singer Seung-ri, who is suspected of serving investors with sexual favors, was involved in the sex trade.


According to reports, sex purchases was newly added into the charges included in Seungri’s arrest warrant which are providing sex services, sex trafficking, embezzlement of funds from the Burning Sun club and violation of the Food Sanitation Act.

The police who were investigating Seungri’s allegations of sexual favors confirmed the exact fact that Seungri bought sex in 2015. Police have secured evidence, through financial records and insiders investigation, that the women went straight to Seungri’s house after he called for them through a prostitution scheme. However, Seungri reportedly admitted in police investigations to having had sex but denies it was a sex purchase.


In Seungri’s arrest warrant , the charges related to the 49-year-old police officer identified only by his surname Yoon, were dropped. The police plan to announce the results of their investigation into Yoon on May 13 after going through a legal review of the case.

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